Hi there!

I’ve put this page together to give a more detailed background about myself.

My name’s Craig – I’ve been in love with the idea of skydiving since I was a little kid. While I’m still a beginner, I do hold a skydiving license and have been following the sport since I understood what skydiving was.

Representing our local dropzone’s amazing fashion.

During my time at university I got involved in the campus skydiving club (yes, that is a thing!). After a couple of years I was fortunate enough to be elected Club President. In this time I helped recruit plenty of new skydivers for our local drop zone. Through talking to so many newbies, I noticed many of them asked the same questions in the run up to their first jump.

That’s why I figured I’d put this site together. While I’m no skydiving expert, I figure I know enough to help potential skydivers understand the sport, and I love writing online.

With that, FriendlySkydiver was born. I hope this small resource helps answer any questions you might have about skydiving, and encourages you to take the leap!

If there’s any topics you’d like me to cover, give me feedback, or some strongly worded constructive criticism – please don’t be afraid to get in touch via the Contact page.

Thanks for checking out the site, and I hope you find it helpful!

Blue skies,


P.S. – Many people have asked why every post is ended with ‘Blue Skies’. It’s simply a sign-off or farewell that most jumpers say to each other. In such a weather dependent sport, blue skies are what we all wish for! After writing on so many other websites online, it’s a real pleasure to write about skydiving topics. ‘Blue skies’ is my own little celebration of that!