A Simple Guide To Breathing While Skydiving

Two skydivers breathing on their way down!

There’s a lot of aspects that people worry about when it comes to skydiving. One of the most common questions is about breathing while skydiving. Can you breathe? Is there enough oxygen? Do you hold your breath the whole time? Thankfully, there’s no real issue with breathing in skydiving. That said, it’s a common question … Read more

Will You Vomit While Skydiving? How To Avoid It

Student exiting for skydive (without vomiting)

For those of us who’ve experienced any form of motion sickness, jumping out of a plane may be only one of our skydiving worries. The other is whether you’ll start committing biological warfare on the wildlife (or watchers) below! In short, don’t worry. While throwing up can happen while skydiving, it’s extremely rare. In the … Read more

What Skydiving Feels Like on Your First Jump

Tandem skydiver enjoying their first skydive jump

Windy. There’s one word for what skydiving feels like. Intense. Amazing. Pure Freedom. There’s a few more… I could use thousands of words to describe the feelings as you fall through the sky for the first time. It’s total sensory overload. Skydiving feels like you’re flying. Like you’re floating in a swimming pool, but with … Read more